Environmental Headshots in Greenwich and Blackheath

Headshots in Greenwich and Blackheath – shot outside, socially distanced.

Socially distanced environmental headshots for business, shot outside in Greenwich and Blackheath by London headshot photographers, Nassau Street Studios.

Nassau Street Studios is a creative headshot studio now offering socially distanced, outdoor headshots in Greenwich and Blackheath. Environmental headshots are shot at a minimum of 2 metres in a safe outdoor space using natural light.

Canary Wharf headshot photographerWhat is an environmental headshot? 

Quite simply it’s a headshot taken outside using natural light. Here at Nassau Street Studios we have been offering environmental headshots as part of our standard service for a long time, but we now recognise that this might be the preferred option given the need to socially distance and also to be outside. Environmental headshots can be shot almost anywhere depending on the desired look as well as the prevailing weather and light conditions. 

Environmental headshots are suitable for any use, from social media profiles such as LinkedIn headshots to entrepreneurs and start ups, as well as business and corporate headshots. It’s important for us to know a bit about who you are and what you want to portray with your headshot so that we can best advise on our approach to the shoot. The choice of background is an important element for an environmental headshot as it provides context and an aesthetic to the shot. The example above was shot in Canary Wharf using a symmetrical glass pattern that can easily be recognised as the type of architecture prevalent in financial settings such as Docklands or the City. This firmly places the shot in that context and conveys a professional and approachable mood. 

Another approach to environmental headshots is to use a bold background and strong aesthetic to make a statement about the kind of brand you’re involved in. The shot below is an example of using bold colour and lines to achieve this. The use of controlled natural light is also flattering and soft making it an ideal light source for headshots. 

headshot-photographer-londonEnvironmental headshots are also a very good option to create an informal mood while still being businesslike and professional. One way to achieve this is by using crops creatively to include more of the background than a studio headshot. The example below was taken on the Southbank in London using the lines of the architecture and a generous amount of background to achieve a relaxed yet professional look. 

As you can see from the example below, we use outside backgrounds in a variety of creative ways depending on your requirements. Environmental headshots are the ideal choice to help convey a brand and help express your personality in a more personal way than a studio headshot. The shot below was taken for a vegan cheese shop in Brixton market and was used as part of a series to help promote the brand and shop. 

headshot photographer LondonWe’ve worked in many locations throughout London but have a particularly good knowledge of Greenwich and Blackheath. If you are a business or individual living or working in Greenwich or Blackheath looking for a headshot, drop us a line and we can discuss your requirements. 

How do we do socially distanced headshots? 

Shooting an environmental headshot outside makes it easy to socially distance as we will shoot from a minimum of 2 metres and probably more. For close up shots we use an 85mm or 105mm lens which means that there will be at least 2 metres between us and the subject. Meeting and shooting outside means we can safely distance and also enjoy plenty of fresh air. 

How do I get the images? 

After the shoot we will edit and deliver the images in an online, downloadable gallery in high resolution and low resolution. These are suitable for web use as well as printing. 


£100 for a 30 minute outdoor headshot session, including 10 edited final images. 

We also offer more extensive shoots for branding and complete business solutions, including interiors and products.

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