Corporate headshot photographer in London

Corporate headshot photographer in London

As a corporate headshot photographer in London, we are used to offering different styles of headshots and have shot for clients such as Barclays, PwC and Astrazeneca. Not all headshots are created equally as there are several ways of going about it which might not be obvious to someone in the market for a new profile picture. Whether it’s a corporate headshot or a LinkedIn profile photo, Nassau Street Studios can tailor a shoot to your needs.  In this article I’m going to outline the different types of headshots that Nassau Street Studios offer and talk about which ones might be most appropriate depending on what you want the headshot to achieve. If you’re looking for a corporate headshot photographer in London, read on. 

Studio headshots – central London corporate headshot studio

corporate headshot photographer LondonOur comfortable studio is located a two minute walk from Angel tube just off of Upper Street and is fully equipped with the latest studio lighting and a selection of coloured backdrops. We usually use two strobes to light a studio headshot. One light is the key, or main, light and the other light is placed behind the subject at an angle to create separation from the background as well as creating a subtle highlight on the face or hair. As a corporate headshot photographer in London our studio allows us to create and manipulate light that is not only flattering but also appropriate to the mood and style of the shoot. We often use a neutral background for our studio shoots and favour a charcoal grey tone which creates more depth and interest than plain white. It provides a nice contrast against most clothing types and colours as well our subjects skin tones. Studio headshots have the advantage that they can be used in many different contexts as the subject is not defined in a certain location or office space. Our clients often use studio headshots for LinkedIn profiles, CVs, press releases as well as company websites. There is a perception that studio headshots are formal and stuffy, but this need not be the case especially with coloured backgrounds and creative poses. 

Environmental headshots outside

Environmental headshots take place outside using natural light and have quite a different look to studio headshots. Some people find them more appropriate for their business or what they are trying to convey. If you get in touch with us about a headshot, we’ll take you through all of the options and see which is right for you. A corporate headshot photographer in London can use a specific location in order to provide context, for example someone involved in finance may want a shot located in the City or Canary Wharf to clearly define what they are about and the kind of business they are involved in. It could equally just be an aesthetic choice to use natural light in an outdoor environment. The image above was taken near our studio in Angel and was chosen for its bold colour and because it portrays the subject in a confident, professional light. Some people prefer environmental portraits to help convey a sense of informality and approachability.

Location headshots – corporate headshots in offices

office headshotsA headshot on location can overlap with an environmental shoot but could also be considered as a headshot taken inside using the interior as a backdrop to provide context and set the mood. An obvious example of this is the office and this is something we are frequently asked to do. A corporate headshot photographer in London will often use the office as a backdrop which firmly seats the headshot as a business portrait and is a good option for conveying professionalism and modernity. But location headshots are often appropriate for entrepreneurs or small businesses who want to convey their brand in the shoot. The shot below was taken at a vegan cheese shop in Brixton market, combining the brand and location with a professional portrait. If we are asked to do branding photography, we often combine location portraits and environmental portraits with product and editorial photography.

headshot photographer LondonWhich is best for me?

Being a corporate headshot photographer in London we are frequently asked this question and of course it’s very subjective, but hopefully what I’ve outlined above and the example photos will help steer you in the right direction for what you want to achieve. It’s best to get in contact to discuss what you want to get out of the shoot and we can advise what we think would work best and also discuss the levels of service we offer.


We are currently offering a discount of £175 for sessions at our Angel studio or on location. You’ll received 15 edited images in colour and black and white, ready for web or print use. Please drop us a line below if you’re looking for a corporate headshot photographer in London for extended sessions or multiple people and we’ll provide a bespoke quote. You can see more of our work on our blog here.






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