Corporate headshots for business in our central London studio (2 mins from Angel tube) or shot on location by experienced London headshot photographers Ben Joseph and Rik Pennington. Ben and Rik's central London studio is a comfortable and relaxed space for corporate headshot photography and we strive to shoot in a friendly and relaxed way, putting you at ease in front of the camera. If you're looking for a corporate London headshot photographer, we provide studio lit sessions using a neutral backdrop to create a classic headshot suitable for corporate and business clients. We have clients who come to us for headshots for websites, social media profiles and professional profiles. They range from corporates, employees, entrepeneurs and business people looking to update their profile pictures.

We also like to shoot using natural light either in the studio or on location to provide a headshot with context which can be booked in addition to studio sessions for a complementary and less formal look. Please get in touch for more details about environmental or extended shoots. 

Business headshots at our London studio

Our studio is a 2 minute walk from the tube in Angel, central London and is an informal space where we'll make you welcome before the shoot and work together to make it a relaxed and enjoyable experience. Our clients come from a range of backgrounds including corporations, finance, bankers to the creative industries looking for portraits to convey the essence of who they are or portray personality or a brand. We enjoy working with actors, musicians and other creatives who are inspired by our creative use of light and composition to provide images which an be used for advertising, promotion, portfolios or personal branding. Our full gallery of studio and enviromental headshots shot on location can be seen here

Corporate headshots in your offices

As a headshot photographers in London, we're used to shooting at client's offices; our studio set up is portable and will fit it into almost any office space. We just ask for 30 minutes to set up our lights and backdrop and we're ready to shoot. We spend around 10 minutes photographing each person, but this can vary depending on your requirements, for example if an outfit change or another kind of look is required. Rik and Ben have over 20 years combined experience in shooting corporate headshots in London and we pride ourselves on devlivering top quality work with refined and flattering lighting and a good use of background tones. We also go out of our way to make sure the shoot is a comfortable experience and making sure that our clients are at ease in front of the camera. We work as a two man team and find that having both of us onsite helps greatly in creating a convivial atmsophere which in turn leads to natural and relaxed expressions in the headshots. 

As part of our service we also regulaly work with hair and make up artists and can provide one on the day if required. It's a personal styling matter, but we're happy to advise on whether it is necessary for your shoot. 

The number of people we shoot in an office visit can vary from one or two to forty or fitfy in one day. We are also commissioned by companies such as Vitality, LinkedIn and Visa to attend all day events where we set up our studio and delegates have headshots taken with us throughout the day during breaks in talks and workshops. 

After the shoot

After the session we edit the images in our signature style, using a subtle skin softener and grading the images in colour and black and white, resulting in high quality photographic images suitable for use online as well as print. 

Which style of corporate headshot is best for me? Read about the different styles of headshots we provide and might be the best choice for you.